The Lawyers’ International Food Enterprise

or LIFE, is an organization of lawyers with the mission to raise awareness among members of the legal profession with respect to child poverty around the world and to further advance the profession’s commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility by encouraging the legal community to provide financial support to selected charitable organizations.

LIFE founder Malcolm MacKillop recently visited Tanzania for a first-hand look at the work that is being done to save children’s lives and provide them a brighter future. >> Check out pictures from the trip here.
LIFE has already received tremendous support from leading members of the Bar in Ontario and the judiciary. While LIFE is currently focused in Ontario, we intend to reach out to lawyers throughout Canada and hope to eventually join forces with lawyers throughout the world.

The legal profession has a rich history of support for social justice, and we believe there can be no justice when children are denied the basic necessities for survival.

“The rationale behind LIFE is truly excellent – that the greatest need for struggling communities and programmes in Africa is financial support, and to that end the legal profession in Canada can play a critical role. The Stephen Lewis Foundation is profoundly grateful to LIFE for working to take things a quantum leap forward. LIFE offers the opportunity for additional numbers of lawyers to engage in a concerted effort to turn the tide of AIDS and poverty amoung children in Africa.

The future of Africa is in the balance. Sustaining the support to children and those who care for them could not be more critical and new initiatives like LIFE bring hope that there are still many who have not forgotten or foresaken the next generation of Africa. I salute LIFE for its principled committment to the humanitarim imperative.” – Stephen Lewis

In 2012, LIFE will be supporting World Vision Canada’s Survive Five project. Every year, more than 11 million children die before reaching the age of five. Survive Five targets the five main causes of death in children under five: malnutrition, malaria, vaccine preventable diseases, pneumonia and diarrhea.

The Survive Five program is focused in sub-Saharan Africa and addresses these five causes by providing mosquito nets, nutritional supplements, vaccines and antibiotics. In addition, health workers and community members are trained to help families prevent diseases and grow more nutritious foods. Survive Five is committed to encouraging lasting change so that the communities it supports become self-sufficient.

Malcolm MacKillop with children in Korogwe, Tanzania